What is TE Academy?

TE Academy is the one-stop-shop for everything you need to learn and develop yourself in the TimeEdit world, containing everything from guides & tutorials, release notes to webinars & classes.

Our idea with TE Academy
TE Academy is another initiative from TimeEdit to fortify our customer-centered approach. We believe being transparent and sharing as much knowledge as possible will benefit both us and our customers, enabling you as a customer to get the most out of our products. TE Academy will hopefully be that place.

Having the first version of TE Academy live is a great step for us, while we are much aware that it's not by any means complete. We aim to develop TE Academy the same way we develop products - quickly launching a first version, continuously improving as we go, and most importantly: learning from and listening to our customers and adapt based to your feedback.

What's coming next?
We have grand plans for TE Academy, with several additions to be added both in terms of content and functionality. In the near terms we plan to focus on:
  • Creating more guides & tutorials for existing functionality to ensure you have everything you need to learn our products
  • Develop our class library to make sure you can easily find & book the trainings
  • Build out a new section for technical documentation
  • ...and much more!
As stated before, please share your thoughts on what to add or improve - we are building TE Academy for you. Provide your feedback to support@timeedit.com!

Customer unique training

This class is available to receive tailor made for your database set-up. Just fill out the form below and our product expert will get in touch with you to set-up your bespoke class.
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