Release note
Release note
January 24, 2023

Include Duration when Scheduling Activities

Duration is now included when scheduling from the Activity Manager, plus additional improvements and bug fixes.

Include Duration when Scheduling Activities

Duration is now included when scheduling from the Activity Manager. When clicking the "Manually schedule" button, "One click reservations" will be temporarily switched on and all reservations will become the correct length. Just like with normal "One click reservations" holding the mouse button and dragging the reservation lets you make a reservation with a custom length.

Use the duration from Activities when scheduling in the Calendar

Subtypes in Group Management

It is now possible to select Subtypes in Group Management. If a type in the Activity Design has subtypes, these will now show up in the type-dropdown. By selecting a Subtype it is possible to allocate a subset of the relevant objects when allocating.

This can be useful if you want to allocate student groups to some activities, and full class objects to others, like lectures.

Use Subtypes in Group Manager

It is also possible to use a Subtype when creating new objects.

Keep in mind that reverting allocation (by clicking the "Revert allocations" button in the toolbar) will revert ALL allocations regardless of the subtype. So even if you select a subtype, like Full class groups, and clicking Revert Allocations, it will still revert all objects of the parent type.

Select All in Group Management

We have now fixed the Group Management tab, so that it is possible to select all rows over multiple pages in order to Create or Allocate objects. Beware though, this operation can be slow for forms with many thousands of activities. We are looking into improving performance in this view, but in the meantime, it can be beneficial to use the filter function to reduce the number of rows when doing the various operations.

Also included in this release

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where scheduling an incomplete reservation, or adding objects when prompted would not send the reservation to the Activity Manager
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the Filter popup in the Object List would open unexpectedly while scheduling from the Activity Manager

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