New Releas of TE Exam

This release focuses on resolving issues related to the import file for exams and improving associated functionality.

Key Fixes:

Import File Functionality:

  • We have ensured that all fields in the import file for exams now function correctly, both for exam slots and time intervals. 

Handling Settings for Multiple Priorities during File Import:

  • Previously, a bug caused the import file to crash if the desired minimum number of priorities exceeded one, as the file import only supports a single priority. With this release, we have allowed to successfully import files regardless number of priorities settings. .

Editing Exams Imported with Only One Priority (with multiple priority settings):

  • For pending exams when attempting to save changes in an exam request imported with a single priority while the settings require more,you will get a prompt reminding you to add another priority before proceeding with manual saving.
  • Additionally, we have resolved a bug that previously prevented the editing of scheduled exams containing only one request. Now, regardless of the number of priority settings, you can edit and modify scheduled exams.

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