New release Evaluation 5.15

The release notes provide information on the features and improvements in the specified version.

New features and improvements

USABILITY - Sidebar (free) navigation should provide insight in progress - EV-141
The evaluation sidebar now displays progress indicators and is slightly wider, to enable the user to immediately have insight in the question blocks with outstanding (required) questions.

The information shown is: [total questions answered] / [total questions] [icon] for each block:

  • Green Counter & Checkmark: Indicates all questions answered, including a tooltip.
    To change the tooltip text use the label: Page.Participate.Progress.Done.Tooltip.
  • Orange Counter & Half Icon: Indicates unanswered non-required questions (initial state).
  • Red Counter & Asterisk: Indicates at least one required question is unanswered.

If there are unanswered questions a tooltip is shown, e.g. "Unanswered: 2 required, 1 left".
To change the tooltip text use the label: Page.Participate.Progress.NotDone.Tooltip

The example below shows the situations:

  • General questions: All questions answered (green checkmark)
  • Flexible education: No questions answered, all 5 questions are optional (orange checkmark)

The sidebar navigation is enriched with progress information.

BUG - Fixed: Misaligned Characters in PDF Exports - EV-185
Resolved an issue that caused misaligned characters in PDF exports due to missing font configuration. The PDF exports layout has also been further aligned with the report tab.

USABILITY - Study and faculty columns should be sortable - EV-184

Both the study and faculty columns can now be sorted.

Sorting on faculty and study is now supported

BUG, REPORTS- Year transcendent reports (limited respondents) should include current year - EV-182
Year transcendent reports should display all evaluations that meet the specified filters without considering their status in the active year, so a combination of evaluations from previous years (status: CLOSED) and a still active one (status: PUBLISHED) is supported and standard behaviour.

USABILITY, BUG - Fixed: Download modal behaviour for large selections - EV-179
In case a large amounts of evaluations was selected, this could cause the download modal to expand to its limits not showing all selected evaluations. The 'selected evaluations for download' modal is adjusted to have a maximum height, and will show a scrollbar when the size is exceeded. This to ensure all selected evaluations are always visible.

Security improvements

SECURITY - Implemented OWASP CVE - EV-193
Addressed the OWASP security vulnerabilities:

  • CVE-2019-3826(6.1)

Check the central database of vulnerabilities for detailed information on each CVE.

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