New release of TE Core and Activity Manager

With this release, it is possible to filter on Tracks in Activity Manager and Change duration of reservations in bulk, plus bug fixes

Filter by Track in Activity Manager

It is now possible to filter the Activity Lists and Group Management on Track and # of Tracks. This is useful if you want to single out only certain tracks, or find activities that have more than a certain number of tracks.

Filter on number of tracks
Filter on Track

Change duration on reservations in bulk

It is now possible to change the duration of multiple reservations at once. When selecting Move reservations from the Reservation List, it is possible to set a fixed duration for all selected reservations, or adjust the duration, e.g. make all reservations 15 minutes longer.

Change duration on reservations in bulk

Also in this release

Bug fixes

  • Resolved an issue with Automatic Object Selection where related objects would sometimes not be used even though the box was checked
  • Resolved an issue where reservation field information from the Activity Manager would not be set on the reservation if an Automatic Object Selection was made when the reservation was created
  • Resolved an issue where Manual Scheduling from Activity Manager would sometimes be slow if many objects where selected for a single type.

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