Release note
Release note
August 15, 2023

New release of TE Core and Activity Manager

This release multiple new features, including UI improvements to the Activity Lists and Filters, as well as general improvements and bug fixes.

UI Improvements to the Lists in Activity Manager.

The header and footer are now fixed and will not scroll out of view when you have a list with many rows. This means you will always be able to see the column headers and the page selector. We also moved the Schedule and Unschedule buttons to the bottom of the page, to free up space for more rows.

Filter on Blanks in Activity Manager

It is now possible to filter Activities on blank column values. This makes it possible to easily filter out any activity that has no value for a specific field, which will greatly improve data prepping tasks.

Clear Values in Activity Manager

It is now possible to clear any editable value for one or multiple rows in the Activity Manager. Together with the Filter on Blanks feature, this will be a great addition to the data prepping phase.

Show Organization Name in Activity Manager

The name of the organization is now displayed in the top right corner of the Activity Manager, which will reduce the risk of working in different environments in Core and Activity Manager, for those customers that log into Activity Manager separately.

Sort Forms on Name in Activity Manager

It is now possible to sort forms on the name and description columns in the Forms list in the Activity Manager.

Anchored Time zone for Reservations

Anchored Time zone is now shown for all Reservations, if the organization has multiple time zones configured.

Also in this release

General improvements

  • Performance improvements have been made to the calendar in TE Core, where views with many thousands of reservation will render much faster.

Bug fixes

  • Resolved an issue where sometimes the week column in Activity List in the Activity Manager would show the incorrect week number.

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