New release of TE Exam

Release of bug fixes regarding publishing and depublishing in batch. This release includes bug fixes that ensure batch publication for exams is working and that exams are correctly published, depublished, and filtered.

With this release, a slight change in behavior will occur for published and changed exams containing child exams.

Specifically, when a child exam is published, changed, and pending, the main exam will still be set as published, but with a state of "modified."  

Additionally, when an exam with child exams are published but there are child exams that are not scheduled or published, the parent exam will be published in state "modified".

Note that this behavior will only apply for new scheduled and published exams. Exams that were published and changed earlier will not apply these changes, which may cause filters to not work as expected.For example, published exams with changes may still be set as unpublished.

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