Release note
Release note
October 6, 2023

New Release of TE Exam

In this release we solved following issues

Supervisor Information in Timeline View:

  • Previously, supervisor information was missing in the timeline view. When clicking on "more details" for a booked supervisor, standard information about the supervisor was not displayed.
  • This issue has now been fixed, and you can access standard supervisor information as expected.

Modified Exams:

  • An issue occurred when editing a published exam; it did not reflect as modified or published despite the changes.
  • This bug has been fixed, and now, when you modify a published exam, its status will correctly change to "Modified."

Issue with Booking Rooms:

  • There was a network issue that caused unbookable rooms to erroneously appear as bookable in the room booking view.
  • We have improved this behavior so that if there are any difficulties loading available rooms from TE core due to network problems, you will receive an error message prompting you to try again.

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