Release note
Release note
November 8, 2023

New release of TE Exam

This release is focused on feature improvements of supervisor workflow

This release will include following features.

New status for preliminary bookings:

We have introduced a new status for preliminary bookings. These initial reservations are invisible to supervisors until admin choose to send an email request or accept the booking. 

Improved email notifications:

We have enhanced the way we handle email notifications. Now, emails are sent for various actions, updates, and cancellations, making communication smoother and more informative.

Timely email notifications:

We have fine-tuned the timing of reminder emails to ensure they are sent at the right moment and contain accurate information.

Better handling of supervisor blockings:

Instead of a denied booking becoming a blocking that supervisor cannot remove, it now becomes a regular unavailability on the calendar. This offers greater flexibility and control over calendar management.

Bug fixes:

  • Double booking of supervisors: It was previously possible to schedule a supervisor in different time slots simultaneously. This has now been fixed.
  • Incorrect display of bookings for supervisors: Issues with the display of bookings for supervisors have been resolved to ensure accurate representation.
  • Disappearance of supervisors during rescheduling: Previously, it seemed that supervisors ”disappeared" during rescheduling, which has been addressed to prevent confusion.
  • Booking multiple supervisors simultaneously: Now you can easily book multiple supervisors simultaneously without any issues.
  • Incorrect email notifications: Previously, booking requests were sent incorrectly, but this has now been corrected.
  • Insufficient information in email notifications: Email notifications now contain accurate and sufficient information for increased clarity.
  • Incorrect timing of email notifications: Emails are now sent at the right time, improving communication with supervisors.
  • Display of supervisors: All bookings are now visible in the correct manner, and unavailability can be effectively managed.

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