New release of TE Exam

This release primarily focuses on resolving several bugs related to supervisor functionalities, participant list generation, and sorting capabilities in the scheduling view.

Key Fixes:

Supervisor Blockings in Timeline:

We have implemented a solution that allows admins to view and manage supervisor blockings from the timeline view.

Filtering for Supervisors in Timeline View:

Due to issues with supervisor filtering in the timeline view not working, we have temporarily removed this functionality. However, we are actively working on reintroducing the feature with the correct type of filtering. Stay tuned for future updates.

Sorting by Priority in Scheduling View:

We have addressed an issue where sorting by priority was not functioning correctly in the scheduling view. With this fix, you can now easily sort the exam requests based on their assigned priorities.

Participant List Enhancement:

In our previous release, we introduced the ability to include more than 500 students on participant lists. However, it came to our attention that some rooms and exams were not being included in the generated reports. We have now resolved this issue. Now, when generating participant lists, all rooms and exams will be accurately included.

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