Release note
Release note
June 14, 2023

New release of TE Exam

This release focuses on addressing various issues and improving functionality across different areas of the application.
Room import
  • Previously, there was an issue where all rooms were imported even when only selecting a few specific rooms. With this fix, the room import functionality now accurately imports only the selected rooms.

Supervisor Filtering in Timeline:
  • We have resolved an issue related to the funnel filter for supervisors in the timeline view. Now, administrators can search and filter by on  name, mail, knowledge area etc

Exam Request Filtering for Exam Managers:
  • We have fixed a bug that affected filtering for exam managers on both their homepage and exam page. The filter for the status of exams now functions as intended

Plugin Fixes:

Error Resolution for Plugin Login:
  • We have addressed a bug that caused some users to experience difficulties logging into the plugin. With this fix, users can now use the plugin without any login issues.

Editing Exams in the Plugin:
  • We have made improvements to the plugin, specifically related to editing exams. Previously, edited exams sometimes would create new exam requests, leading to confusion and duplication. This issue has now been resolved

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