Release note
Release note
June 21, 2023

New Release of TE Exam

This release focuses on resolving several bugs that have been affecting the functionality and user experience of the application.

Bug Fixes:

Campus Display in Supervisor View:

  • Previously, the campus displayed in the supervisor view was based on the supervisor's settings. We have rectified this issue, and the campus now correctly reflects the location of the room for the actual booking.

Lead Supervisor Toggle Fixes:

  • In the scheduling view, there was a problem with the lead supervisor toggle not saving the selected state upon saving. We have addressed this issue, and the toggle now retains the desired setting after saving. Additionally, in the supervisor overview, you can now utilize the toggle to filter supervisors certified to lead. 

Funnel Filter Reset in Timeline:

  • We have resolved an issue related to the funnel filter in the timeline view. Previously, when clearing the filter, all information would disappear. Now, the funnel filter correctly resets, ensuring that all relevant information is displayed as intended.

Reservation ID Search in Free Text Search:

  • We have fixed a bug that hindered search for connected reservation IDs in the free text search within exam overviews. You can now search for reservation IDs on both single exams and grouped exams with child exams, providing more search capabilities.

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