Release note
Release note
June 28, 2023

New Release of TE Exam

This release focuses on resolving following issues in the product

Bug Fixes:

Multiple Supervisor Selection during Booking:

  • Previously, when searching or filtering for supervisors during the booking process, only the last selected supervisor was saved. This issue has now been resolved, allowing you to book multiple supervisors regardless of your search and filter criteria.

Time and Date Discrepancies in Supervisor View:

  • We have addressed an issue where supervisor blocking did not align with the admin view due to different time zone settings. This fix ensures that the supervisor and admin view accurately reflects the correct blocked times.

Exporting Exams with Billing Information and Post-Exam Notes:

  • In this release, we have resolved an issue related to exporting exams. Previously, you encountered difficulties adding billing information during the export process, and the post-exam notes were not included in the exported file. These two issues have been rectified, allowing you to include billing information and ensuring the inclusion of post-exam notes when exporting exams.

Accurate Display of Required Supervisors in Exam Overview:

  • We have addressed an issue in the exam overview and scheduled exams where the displayed information regarding the required and scheduled supervisors for single exams was not accurate. With this fix,  the exam overview will provide the correct and up-to-date information regarding the number of supervisors needed and the assigned supervisors for each individual exam. 

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