Release note
Release note
August 18, 2023

New release of TE Exam

This release includes following bug fixes:

Enhanced Object Relations Functionality:

  • When creating exam requests, the relations between objects that were configured in the settings were not functioning properly. We have resolved this issue. Now, when you establish relationships between entities like courses and course events, these interlinked elements will work. For instance, if you associate a course with a course event, the relevant course event will be correctly displayed when selecting the course.

Locked Date and Time for Exam Requests via Plugin:

  • We have resolved an issue related to locked dates and times during the creation of exam requests using the plugin. Previously, the locked date or date and time settings were not being properly considered when scheduling an exam. This issue has been successfully resolved, ensuring that when scheduling an exam, the system takes into account the specified locked date and time

Display of Imported Special Needs:

  • We have rectified an issue where imported special needs were not being correctly displayed. Now, both imported special needs and assigned special needs are visible in the student allocation tab.

Enhanced Functionality for Past Exam Notes:

  • We identified a problem where saving notes in past exams sometimes led to the comment not being saved as intended. This issue has been resolved, ensuring that exam notes are consistently saved in the correct format.

Accurate Supervisor Count in Scheduling View:

  • An issue where the number of required supervisors in the scheduling view failed to update upon saving. We have addressed this issue, and now the supervisor count accurately reflects the changes made during the scheduling process.

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