Release note
Release note
November 2, 2023

New release of TE Preferences

The following have been released to production in all regions


  • Archived forms have been removed from the "all forms" page for submitters. If a form is archived by the admin in TE Prefs, it should not be shown to the submitter.
  • In the submitter view of the "all forms" page, when there are no tracks for an activity, the default of "0" tracks is no longer displayed. Instead, the field is left empty.
  • In the review page of the submitter view, the summary is now displayed per activity template, rather than grouped by activity type.

Bug fixes:

  • The top of the object selection list no longer goes off the screen when submitting a form on a laptop.
  • The activities in the "all activities" tab are now correctly sorted by week number when adding activities manually.
  • Only the element being updated in the template is now updated on the "all activities" page.
  • The template name can now be changed after copying the template.
  • The padding no longer incorrectly increases the sequence order of activities.
  • The week patterns are (hopefully!) no longer corrupted in the old week patterns design.
  • The old templates are no longer corrupted when rolling over from the old week pattern design to the new template design.
  • The object selection list no longer disappears in the preview page of the form designer.

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