Release note
Release note
March 2, 2023

New release of TE Preferences

The following bug fixes was released to production in all regions

Bug fixes: 

  • Resolved a bug for labels in the activity templates. When unlocking an already submitted form, the label for "activity type" in the week pattern feature turned in to an ID.
  • Resolved a bug for sequencing in the activity templates. When unlocking an already submitted form and edit the activity templates and week patterns, the sequence sometimes got messed up.
  • Resolved a bug for calculating the total sum of duration in the review page. If the different tracks for an activity type had different duration, the total sum was not correct.
  • Resolved a bug for relations in the activity templates where not all related objects always appeared.
  • Resolved a bug for the review schedule feature where an important part of the link was missing in order to direct the users from TE Preferences to the right page in TE Viewer.
  • Resolved a bug where the review schedule links where not always generated in the recipient table in the TE Preferences admin interface.

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