Release note
Release note
June 15, 2023

New release of TE Preferences

The following was released to production in all regions


Assigned forms - when opening an assigned form as a submitter, the section which shows what primary object that has been pre-selected was not rendered (more than in the header) in the start page. This element is now shown in the start page aslo for assigned forms, but without the option to edit.

Calendar section - working with the combination of activity templates and a calendar section, there have been a limitation added to only be able to select activity templates when adding activities. This is to make sure we can support tracks and week pattern functionality in a sustainable way.

All forms page - when clicking from the submission to the "all forms" page, there was a message showing "Form can not be found" while loading. This message have now been replaced by a spinner.

Bug fixes:

  • Resolved a page break bug in the preview of TE Preferences form designer, occurred when adding sections without any elements and then clicked to preview.
  • Resolved a page break in "all forms" page for users with thousands of form instances linked to them.
  • Resolved a bug for the collaboration workflow where the links got corrupted if a collaboration was added/changed.
  • Resolved a bug where you couldn't copy a submission in the "all forms" page.

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