Release note
Release note
August 17, 2023

New release of TE Preferences

Released to production in all regions Aug 17, 2023


Configurable naming for "tracks"

It is now possible to rename the "tracks" column to something else and add an element description. To do so, enable tracks in the activity settings in the table section.

Auto-calculation of tracks or max class size

In the activity settings, you can set up an automatic calculation of either the number of required tracks or the maximum class size. This feature requires that tracks are enabled in the activity settings, as well as two number input elements in the form designer:

  • Number input element for max class size
  • Number input element for total expected enrollment

Use the radio buttons to select which data point to calculate. The default setting is off.

Bug fixes:

  • Resolved a bug in v.3 where the object selection list was completely disconnected from the data source input field.

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