Release note
Release note
March 14, 2023

New release of TE Reserve

This release includes two new functionalities for TE Reserve: visualization of padding, and the ability to choose which reservation template type to use.

Visualize padding on a TE Reserve page

When making a reservation with objects that have padding rules, you'd ideally like to see each reservation's padding directly on the page for each reservation, so you know when resources are available given these rules. By using the new Show padding setting, you can do just that.

The setting is available under Customize -> Reservations -> Content -> Reservation information -> Show padding.

Object padding displayed on a TE Reserve page.

Choose first reservation template type to use

Previously, in order to work with more than one object type on the TE Reserve pages, you've had to create multiple reservation templates and reserve pages, which led to an unnecessary number of templates to manage. Now, you can instead use one and the same.

Simply fill in which objects related to the template you want to make available on the page, and set which order you'd like them to appear in. The object at the top of the list will be treated as the default object type that will be displayed when entering the page.

Order the object types, and place the default type at the top of the list.

The setting is available under Customize -> Admin -> Reserve -> Template group reserve.

Once you have saved the settings, the page will display a dropdown at the top left where users can switch between the object types made available.

Also included in this release

General improvements

  • Show switch language on small screens and admin icon

Bug fixes

  • Sort order when using Group on mandatory fields
  • Display of Send confirmation button
  • Alignment in graphical schedule with many objects in Row header

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