Release note
Release note
February 1, 2023

New release of TE Viewer

We have now released two new column types to help you display differences and sums. An improvement of the graphical schedule, and bug fixes, are also part of this release.

Sum and Delta columns

With the new Delta column, you can easily present the difference between two selected columns, and with the new Sum column, you can sum up fields that may have multiple numbers stored in one, such as multiple student groups being part of a single reservation. This can make it easier to review how well rooms are being utilized and matched against planned activities, as well as understand where you may have a potential problem with lack of space.

Delta column shows the difference between the first column with integer values and the second column with integer values.

Sum 1 column is a summary of values in the first column with integer values. The field with the individual values must be visible in the schedule.

Sum 2 column is a summary of values in the second column with integer values.  

In the example below, the first reservation has two rooms, with 30 and 42 seats, as well as two student groups with 15 and 50 students. The new Sum column for seats shows 72 (30 + 42), and the new Sum column for students shows 65 (15 + 50). In addition, you can see the difference between the two in the new Delta column.

New Sum 1, Sum 2 and Delta column student group and room seats

You can add these columns to your views by going to Admin > Content > Column in Schedule. You will find the new column types at the bottom of the Add column dropdown’s list.

Also included in this release

General improvements

  • Schedule: for info reservations in the background in graphical schedule, you can hide the following text: status, id, created by and start & end time

Bug fixes

  • Schedule: Expand to fit reservations 
  • Schedule: Edit reservations
  • Schedule: Save admin settings
  • Schedule: Copy reservations
  • Schedule: Export to Excel cells with long names
  • Schedule: Copy reservations
  • Reserve: Show info reservations setting
  • Admin: Reload type names

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