Release note
Release note
April 25, 2023

New release of TE Viewer

A number of improvements to working with columns, a new setting for allowing double booking, as well as bug fixes.

Copy columns from one area to another

Under Customize -> Admin -> Content, you have three different areas for setting separate column setups: 

  • Columns in schedule
  • Columns in iCal
  • Columns in My reservations

It can be cumbersome to set up all fields for each of them separately, especially since they often have a large amount of the same fields, with some deviations.

What you can do instead, is to copy the fields you have saved for one area to another. Once copied, you can make any adjustments you may need. At the top right of each column area, you can find a dropdown where you can select which area's column setup you would like to copy from.

Copy from other column configurations

Note that it will only copy the configuration that has been saved. This means that if you, for example, have configured the fields for Columns in schedule and would like to copy them to Columns in My reservations, you will need to save the settings before you can copy it to another area.

Other column improvements

The following improvements applies to the Customize -> Admin -> Content (Columns in schedule) area:

  • Sum column 1 and Sum column 2 now supports multiple types in same column.
  • Display the number of members an object has using the field Number of members. Add your object using Add column, and select the Number of members field.
  • Display the number 1 for each object of its type by selecting the field Count. Add your object using Add column, and select the Count field.
    Example: two teachers on a reservations will show “1, 1”.  Use the Sum 1 to display the sum “2”.
  • In the Admin section, you can now drag and drop columns to reorder them.

Under Customize -> Admin -> Show & Hide, you can also find the new setting Show optional related objects in columns that will display the optional related objects of the types selected under Columns in schedule.

Allow double booking

You can allow double booking when changing objects by enabling the "Allow double booking" setting. Note that “Change objects on reservations” also needs to be enabled.

When enabled, change object setting to allow double booking on all objects

Bug fixes

  • Schedule: copy reservation change month
  • Schedule: translation fix

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