New release of TE Viewer

A new objects first type filter option, an improvement to iCal subscription, and bug fixes.

Related objects first type filter

The setting can be found under Customize -> Admin -> Search -> "Related objects first". By selecting a specific object, it will only show related objects of that selected type first, rather than all object types with a relation.

Note that this functionality is also available in TE Plan.

General improvements

  • iCal subscription: line break in Location and Description. Line breaks in comments are preserved and ", " does not trigger a line break in a comment

Bug fixes

  • Schedule: next week with many locked category values
  • Schedule: change headline to empty
  • SSO: TE Auth embed authorize.js and move to top of page
  • Admin: entrances - Create and save entrances (CSRF Fix)
  • Admin: limit no admin info. Stats.html under admin. Moved info from serverload and serverstatus to threads.html

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