Release note
Release note
June 27, 2023

New release of TE Viewer

This release includes support for templated links in object fields and reservation fields, settings improvements, and bug fixes.

Support for templated links

You can now build links that include specified fields by using the new Reservation links feature. For example, if you'd like to append an ID (such as reservation ID) or an object field to a link.

You start by specifying where in your link you want to add additional field information using curly brackets with a number, like so:{0}+{1}

Then go to the new setting under Customize → Admin → Special → Reservations Links. Add the fields that should correspond to the numbers specified in the link's curly brackets. The first field added corresponds to 0. You can have a total of 10 fields listed to be used for building your links.

Once set up, the link will replace the curly brackets' numbers with the value of the fields you've specified.

The reservation ID will replace the {0} in the link in the above example, followed by Course code for {1}

Change status on reservations

You can now also allow users to edit the status on reservations.

You can find the setting under Customize → Admin → Show & Hide → Change status on reservations.


Line breaks in sum row: when the Text layout of a schedule page has line breaks enabled, it will also apply to the sum row when it has multiple fields.

Moved and renamed Excel to Excel '97 (xls) and Excel 2007 (xlsx) to Excel (xlsx). Please note that we highly recommend using the newer Excel (xlsx) format when exporting.

Bug fixes

  • Using Filter &&
  • Search - Allow to check both “Only show user objects” and “Only show objects related to the user objects”
  • Reservations per page max 10000

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