Release note
Release note
August 22, 2023

New release of TE Viewer

This release introduces more control over which fields to enable editing for, a new time format option for visualizing reservations spanning over two days, and bug fixes.

Limit editable reservation fields

You now have more fine-grained control over which fields to allow editing for. Go to Customize -> Admin -> Show & Hide → Edit, and add the fields under ReservationFields that you want to be editable.

If the Change objects on reservations setting is enabled but the list is empty, all fields will be editable.

New date format settings

For reservations that span over two days but are less than 24 hours long, you now have the option to set the date format to Long, ensuring that the second day's date is always displayed.

You can find the setting under Customize → Layout →  Time Format.

Bug fixes

  • Change reservation - On pages using "Include search objects"
  • Text color when Zoom in on today
  • Lock prefilled end time and objects from the availability reservation
  • Translation - German and Dutch translations update
  • New URL parameter SEPF=§ separator for object field values

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