Release note
Release note
September 19, 2023

New release of TE Viewer

This release includes improvements to the schedule view and bug fixes

General improvements

  • You can now search for occupied rooms when using "Allow double booking when change object"
  • Show number of reservations at the top right of your schedule view using the new Show Count Reservations setting under Customize -> Admin -> Show & Hide

Bug fixes

  • Filter on objects under 'My criteria'
  • Size of "Show more search results" button
  • Show more search results
  • View reservation - Error: Broken page
  • Updated Dutch, German, and French translations
  • iCal subscription help text position
  • Export to Excel
  • Diff column. Length fields
  • Fixed filter with members
  • Right align table header
  • PDF - Font size for object header in graphical schedule
  • Export to excel with One schedule for every searched item
  • Admin - Columns in My reservations
  • Object header sort case insensitive

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