Release note
Release note
October 12, 2023

New release of TE Viewer

This release includes a new typeface and top bar with the possibility to add your own logotype, and bug fixes.

New look and feel

The top bar and typeface across TE Viewer, Reserve, and Plan has been updated with a new visual appearance. This update is part of moving toward a more aligned look and feel across TimeEdit's product suite.

The top bar’s functionalities will remain the same, and you will find its navigation items and settings in the same place as before.

New top bar and font across TE Viewer, Reserve, and Plan

Use your institution's logotype in the top bar

You can also place your institution’s logotype in the top left section with the new top bar. If you’d like to have this configured, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager (CSM) and provide them with the URL to the image you'd like to use.

Once enabled, you will have a default logotype that will appear for all your Viewer entrances.

Entrance-specific logotypes

Once your general logotype has been enabled with the help of your CSM, you will also be able to add Entrance-specific logotypes. To add one, go to the Customize menu in the top right section of the Entrance, go to the Welcome page's settings, and add the URL to the logotype in the "URL to custom image" field.

If you don't have a Welcome page set up for your Entrance yet, create one by clicking Create Pages at the bottom of the Customize menu list, and selecting "Welcome" to create one.

Bug fixes

  • Click on reservation with Weekday + Max number of columns
  • Order of fields when click on object
  • English translations

Customer unique training

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