Release note
Release note
December 4, 2023

New release of TE Viewer

This release contains some improvements and a number of bugfixes

Improved visualisation of Info reservations

It is now possible to show info reservations in the background of the schedule (as in TE Core). This needs to be configured by an admin user.

Admin can configure how to present Info reservations

Accessibility improvement

  • Improved contrast for different elements to improve readability

Bug fixes

  • Search for long course names with escape characters now works
  • Translation - English and German
  • When editing a reservation, keep the time even though it might break timerules, when start editing
  • Improved ordering of fields when opening an object
  • Show member names instead of ID
  • Count only reservations per searched item
  • When opening a reservation that does not exist, refresh the view so that the reservation is removed

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