Release note
Release note
March 7, 2023

New release of TE Viewer

The language selector for TE Viewer has been updated. Also included in this release are bug fixes for TE Viewer and TE Reserve.

General improvements

The language selector has updated based on customer feedback. It has been given a new icon and the visible language label will now always correspond to the selected language.

Improved language selector

Bug fixes

  • PDF: Present objects Row Header
  • iCal subscription: Include current language in the iCal subscription URL
  • Export to Excel with large number of reservations
  • Reservations begin within Time frame setting
  • Save settings
  • Save settings error message
  • Admin: Copy settings from a My reservation page when using "Replace this page with settings from"
  • Auto cancel reservations if setting is less then 10 minutes
  • Create reservations with auth token
  • Create reservations with many objects
  • Find free objects with padding

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