Release note
Release note
March 21, 2023

New release of TE Viewer

New grouping option as well as extended functionality to display members and related objects in columns. Also included in this release are a number of bug fixes.

General improvements

Group by date

You can now group your schedule list by date. This setting makes it easy to clearly separate each date visually in your schedule view. It also enables you to export reports for your object overviews where you can summarize numeric fields from objects per date.

The setting is available under Customize -> Layout -> Group -> Date.

A list schedule grouped by the new Date option

Display members and related objects in columns

With the new “Show Related objects in columns” and  “Show Member objects in columns” enabled, you have more control over how to display related or member objects' information in views.

These settings can be found and enabled under Customize -> Admin -> Show & Hide -> “Show Related objects in columns” and  “Show Member objects in columns

When enabled, you can add the types and fields for each object that should be displayed. Multiple fields for each type can be used. The exact type must be used for each object. The fields are added much in the same manner as your other schedule columns, under Customize → Admin → Content → Columns in schedule.

Display a group with related courses. Here the course code is shown for the related course.
Admin settings to enable Related & Member objects

Note that for readability, use Customize -> Reservations -> Style -> Text layout -> "One column per line" so its one  member/related object per line.

There is also a limit to how many related objects you can display, set to 5000 objects.

Bug fixes

  • Schedule: Info reservation width in graphical schedule
  • Schedule: Aria label for recent change icon the red dot
  • iCal subscription: No reservations found
  • Reserve: Setting for padding
  • Reserve: Show error messages in popup  
  • Schedule generator: Edit a reservation

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