New release Study Guide 2.20

The release notes provide information on the features and improvements in the specified version.

Features & Improvements

BUG - Fixed: switching between structure and list view in study - SG-162

In case the study structure is fully expanded, and then immediately is navigated to the list view, the screen jumps back to the expanded structure. This has been solved.

BUG - Fixed: Layout of appraisal widget with empty values - SG-152

Resolved an issue where empty appraisal values could cause a misalignment with other appraisals.

CONFIGURATION, USABILITY- Added tooltips to show enum translation - SG-117

In case an ENUM value, showing the technical internal name, is used in a table, a tooltip next to it with the translated value is shown.

The ENUM is MODULE, the (i) shows the human readable information 'Course'

Security improvements

SECURITY - Implemented OWASP CVE - SG-161

Addressed the OWASP security vulnerabilities:

  • CVE-2019-3826(6.1)

Check the central database of vulnerabilities for detailed information on each CVE.

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