Release note
Release note
February 22, 2024

New release Curriculum 10.12

The release notes provide information on the features and improvements in the specified version.

Improvements and bug fixes

USABILITY - Default location 'create' buttons in Faculty reports - CUR-321
The positioning of 'Create' buttons is standardised across all reports to enhance consistency and usability. Previously, the placement of 'Create' buttons varied, with some appearing at the top-right and others a row down on the left. All 'Create' buttons have now been moved to a uniform location within the report interface, specifically to the slightly lower top left area in every 'Faculties' tab, ensuring a more intuitive and cohesive user experience.

USABILITY - Always show link to the defined (process) manual during workflows - CUR-332
The configured process manual will now be shown in the top right corner of each page of a workflow. Not just on the introduction page, but  during the entire process.

INTEGRATION - Corrected not sending items[] if no results found - CUR-297
In case OOAPI response for an object (courses, programs, ...) didn't have any underlying objects there wasn't provided and empty items[]. The specification says this must always be sent.

USABILITY, CONFIGURATION - Respect comment setting on offerings - CUR-310
The settings for comments (required, optional, none) for offerings were not respected. In all cases the comments were required.

SECURITY, REPORTING- Failed login attempts should be logged (OWASP #9) - CUR-251
In an earlier release the logging for failed attempts was added. In case no failed attempts has taken place, the report on logged in users gave an erronous message.

INTEGRATION - Week number is incorrect in the API results - CUR-283
Resolved an issue where Week 1 of 2025 was incorrectly scheduled in the year 2024 due to a flaw in the year determination logic. The system previously used the start date's year to assign the week's year, leading to inaccuracies for weeks that span two years. The logic has been updated to align with the ISO-8601 standard, which uses Thursday's date to determine the week's year, ensuring that weeks are correctly assigned to the appropriate year.

USABILITY - Incorrect display in structure tree view of a deleted 'new course' - CUR-286
Fixed an issue where courses that were added and then removed were still displayed as newly added (highlighted in green) in the structure. The display logic has been corrected to ensure that even if a course is completely deleted, it will now be accurately shown as removed (highlighted in red) on the structure pages.

CONFIGURATION - Selection of duration of an assessment or teaching activity shows twice the option 'Other ...' - CUR-310
This is caused by a misconfiguration. The configured 'durations' in the element list are shown, and the 'Other ...' options is added automatically.
In case to the list of durations the option 'Other ...' is added manually it will be shown twice.

BUG - Notification for the employee availability workflow not sent - CUR-310
People with a role sometimes not getting notifications on status change, this has been fixed, so the notifications for the employee availability workflow will be send correctly.

USABILITY, BUG - Simulation cost calculation accuracy improvements - CUR-302
Addressed an issue affecting the accuracy of new simulation calculations, where costs were not correctly calculated. This resulted in the simulated modules being assigned a pro rata factor of 1, leading to inaccurate budget projections. This has now been fixed, ensuring that simulations reflect precise budgeting and resource allocation.

Action required: Calculations will be correct for new simulations from now on. The cost for existing simulations can be recalculated with the "Calculate cost" script in Administration.

USABILITY - News items now show the scheduled start date on dashboard - CUR-278
Improved the dashboard display of news items by showing the scheduled start date (visible from date) instead of the creation date. This change ensures users see the relevant activation date for each news item. If the 'visible from' date is not defined, the system will default to showing the creation date.

BUG - Display bug in new workload report - CUR-328
Fixed a display bug, person hours are now correctly summed per category.

BUG - Email and invoke hook buttons on process report not working - CUR-325
Resolved issues with the "Email" and "Invoke hook" buttons on the process report page, which didn't show the options when clicked.

REPORTING, ADMINISTRATION- Object filter in export logs should work correctly and added date filter - CUR-334
Addressed an issue in the export logs, where the entity filter didn't work as expected for entities with the same code or name across different years. Now, entities can be searched for in text by code, name and external id.
We also added a date filter, allowing you to more easily find the logs you need.

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