Release note
Release note
November 2, 2023

Updated interface for TE Admin released

Updated interface for TE Admin released for customers on our new platform

As part of our journey towards one look & feel across the complete platform, we have released a new interface of TE Admin.

Key features

  • Improved navigation & structure

The top bar navigation is introduced as the primary functional grouping of the admin features (Configuration, User Management, API and Services, App Settings). The secondary level of grouping is found on the left side bar as tabs.

  • Consistent and high performing tables to display list information

Replacing some different previous components, tables are now the primary way to display large sets of information (such as Reservation Templates, Fields or Users). Consistent search, filtering and sorting across all columns is also from this release being the standard for any page we a lot of information, in order to make finding explicit items easier.

  • Interaction patterns for items in tables

To easier display the details of the items in tables (or elsewhere) we have now introduced a side panel opening up on the right side, with the intention to still have the overview of the main page while inspecting the detailed information in the specific item. The right side panel is also expendable to get a more complete view of the detailed information.

For any quick actions around the items in tables, you can now right-click and menu will appear with available actions (such as duplicate, move or delete). We have also introduced an action called "compare", which opens up another right side panel with an additional item so that you can easily compare the detailed informations between the two.

  • Assign user objects & Bulk import of users

Two improvements added to the user page, where users can now easily assign user objects by clicking on the user and then click on "Add Object" in the bottom of the drawer menu. It's also possibly to import users in bulk, by exporting a template, populating the user data according to the template format and then import it.

Scope of improvements

The following pages and views have been updated according the above described improvements:

  • General Settings
  • Reservation Templatesä
  • Object types
  • Fields
  • Padding rules
  • Field relations
  • Users

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