Release note
Release note
February 28, 2023

New release of TE Preferences

This release includes the following bug fixes.

Bug fixes

  • Resolved a bug for the duration element in the activity templates. If adding a new activity type outside of the pre-filled ones, the duration could be set to zero and the form could still be submitted even if the duration element was a required field.
  • Resolved a bug for relations in the activity templates where the incorrect objects sometimes got pre-filled, or no related objects got pre-filled at all.
  • Resolved a bug when editing a week pattern where the activity types had to be re-selected in order to generate the activities.
  • Resolved a bug for the Singapore region where the users couldn't access a form from a public link due to missing pin code in the URL.
  • Resolved a resizing bug where the activity table in the review tab was missing if working on a laptop screen.
  • Resolved a bug for free text search in the object selector. When trying to use the free text search in a datasource with related objects, the user could only search among the related objects. When unchecking the checkbox for related objects, the free text search disappeared and the user ended up in a catch 22.

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