Release of Pinboard in Core

This release launches the Pinboard functionality in Core, as well as some bug fixes.

New feature - Pinboard in Core

The Pinboard is a new tool in Core that can be used when moving members from one object to another.

The feature is inspired by the natural workflow when working with members, where a user would typically take note of the name/id of a member, remove it from one object and then search for it and add it to another. The Pinboard fits in the middle of this workflow and will hold the member object when removing it from one parent and can easily be added to another parent. No need for copying id:s or writing things on post-its.

The Pinboard can be found in the side panel as a separate tab as well as in the Modify Objects window.


Read more about it in the linked Product Guide article.

Bug fixes

  • Resolved an issue where sometimes Reservation Field values would not be applied to a reservations when scheduling from Activity Manager and using Automatic Object Selection
  • Resolved an issue where it was not possible to filter Imported Activities on Information Fields in the Activity Manager. This has now been resolved but will only work for new activities that are imported.

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