June 6, 2023

TimeEdit and Vorsen join forces

Finally, our institutions can bridge the gap between curriculum and scheduling.

Shaping the Future of Academic Operations

At TimeEdit, we’re always looking for innovative ways to enhance the experience for schedulers, institutions and students. This mission has recently seen an exciting development - the acquisition of Vorsen, a leading company in the field of Curriculum Management and Academic Evaluation.

The significance of this move? It marks the evolution of TimeEdit from a scheduling software provider to a comprehensive Academic Operations platform. With the focus on creating student-centric schedules, this transition places students squarely at the heart of academic operations.

Lately, the importance of student considerations in scheduling has been reaffirmed. According to our scheduler's, "consideration of student curriculum" and "consideration of a student's pedagogical sequence of activities" rank as the #1 and #2 most important scheduling factors. It's nothing new, but it underscores the importance of a student-centric approach to scheduling.

Our survey at the Head of Student Administration conference in 2022 further stressed the importance, whereas 94% of participants indicated that improving the student experience is their primary goal with their timetabling. So what makes a good timetable from a student's perspective? According to a recent study from Nous, it breaks down to four factors: 1) released early, 2) minimum amount of changes, 3) allows for flexibility, 4) compact, in terms of time and location. And according to that same survey, Higher Education representatives from U.K, Australia and Canada believe process automation, integrated platforms and student self-service are the main drivers for imrpoved student experience.

This feedback aligns with our acquisition of Vorsen. By integrating their tools for Curriculum Management, Course Catalog, and Academic Evaluation into our platform, we’re able to offer a more comprehensive suite that minimizes data-reentry, improves data quality and automates work throughout the full curriculum and scheduling process. We believe this will drastically allow a faster release of the timetable, with more flexibility and less changes post publication.

Why Vorsen?

In Vorsen, we found a like-minded partner that prioritizes flexibility and user-friendliness. Their curriculum management system matches the adaptability of our scheduling tools, tailoring solutions to fit the unique needs of each institution. We're thrilled to have their eight passionate team members join us, who, like us, prioritize customer satisfaction and innovation.

We have held discussions with Vorsen for the past two years, during which we deeply admired their commitment to flexible, user-friendly solutions that serve the diverse needs of academic institutions. This cultural synergy made the match even more fitting.

The journey ahead

Our purpose remains unwavering - to offer an efficient, user-friendly platform that simplifies complex scheduling tasks while better aligning with your institution's academic goals. As we integrate Vorsen's tools into our service, we are setting our sights on transforming the landscape of academic operations.

We envision a world where academic operations platforms are as student-centric as possible. With Vorsen's products, we're now better equipped to do so. This evolution marks the beginning of a new chapter for TimeEdit, one that continues to build upon our foundational commitment to empowering institutions and better serving students.

We’re excited to embark on this journey and look forward to sharing more updates on our integrated product suite. The future of Academic Operations is here, and together with our new teammates from Vorsen, we're thrilled to pioneer this new era. Together, we will continue to drive student-centric solutions for academic institutions worldwide.

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