June 1, 2023

Checking in and automatic cancellations

People booking rooms and not showing up results in valuable resources not being utilized efficiently. With automatic cancellation in TE Reserve, you can require that the person making the reservation also checks in at a time relative to when the resource was reserved. If they do not, the reservation will be canceled and the room will be freed up again.

Configure automatic cancellation

Once you have a checkbox object field set up for the purpose of checking in, you can configure automatic cancellation.

Go to Customize -> Admin -> Special and scroll down to the "Cancel reservation Automatic" section. This is where you configure how you want the automatic cancellation to function for the page's reservations. Only reservations that belong to the template selected under Customize -> Admin -> Template group reserve will be affected.

If automatic cancellation is not active, the "Cancel reservation Automatic" title will state this like so: "Cancel reservation Automatic: No". Once the configuration is completed, this state will change to Yes.

To activate automatic cancellation, you need to fill in the following settings:

  • Cancel reservation (- and +): how many minutes before (-) and after (+) the reservation's start time you want users to be able to check in
  • UserID: the ID of the user account that will be used to perform cancellations
  • Type Field: the object's checkbox field that will be used to check in. This field is used to confirm reservations and the object field must be of the type Checkbox.

After saving the above settings, the "Cancel reservation Automatic" state will change to Yes, indicating automatic cancellation is active.

To turn automatic cancellation off, remove the Cancel reservation, UserID, and Type Field values and save your settings again for the change to be applied.

Check in to a reservation

Once you have made a reservation on a page with automatic cancellation enabled, the reservation details will provide information on when the user will be required (and able) to check in.

A reservation that requires checking in will indicate the time frame when a user do so if the current time is outside of it. In this example it can be "signed" between 14:50 and 15:10 CET

The same indication can be seen in the general view and in the My reservations list.

If your reservation is outside the check in time frame, you will see a padlock icon. If your reservation is within the check in time frame, you will see an hourglass icon.

Two reservations in different states; one within the check in time frame (hourglass icon), another outside of it (padlock icon)

To check in to a reservation, click on it to open the reservation details. You will find a check in button which, once clicked, will check you in. Any user that is allowed to edit the reservation will be able to check in.

Confirmation button will become available when the reservation is within the confirmation time frame

Once the user has checked in, it will be displayed as Signed and will no longer be subject to automatic cancellation.

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