March 14, 2024

Copy reservations to Excel

Follow these steps to export reservation data from Core into Excel, or any other spreadsheet tool

Export reservations

To export reservations from Core, simply open the Reservation list and filter out the reservations you are interested in. Then select the reservation you want to export, either by ctrl- or shift-clicking the reservations in the list, or click the Select All button in the list header (if the list contains hundreds or thousands of reservations, wait for all to load. This will be indicated when the top right corner of the list displays the total number of selected rows).

Now, you can click the "Copy to Clipboard"-button in the list header, next to the "Send email"-button. This will place all selected reservations in the Clipboard with the same data included in the columns in the list. If you need more data to be exported, add the relevant columns to the Reservation list.

Copy and paste reservations from the Reservation List

To get the reservation data into Excel, or any other spreadsheet tool, simply open the desired application and paste the data where you want it.


This functionality is available for all lists in Core, including the Conflict list. Just follow the same steps as above to export data from any other list. Also note that this functionality is not available for the lists in the Activity Manager.

Formatting the copied data

Sometimes, Excel can automatically format various texts to date values, which will sometimes have unexpected results on the format of weeks for instance. These issues can be solved when pasting the copied list into Excel, by changing the format to "Text"

Use Excel Import tools to format the columns properly

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