August 17, 2023

How to configure the tabular view

Most of the curriculum management is done via the processes and workflows, but all information registered in TE Curriculum is also available via the tabular view. The tabular view can be configured to group and structure the views, including the authorisation.

Grouping information in Tabs

The configuration of the information in the tabular view is a two step process. The first step is to define the tabs, the second step is to define the individual pages, assign them to the tab and define access security.

The Tab group configuration allows to defined tabs (grouped information) that contain the different pages shown under that group. The picture below shows a configuration with 6 tabs that group the relevant information of a module.

The tabular view showing 6 tabs grouping the information

Click on the Create new button to add a new tab, click on the tab to modify and use the delete  button to delete the tab.

Configure all available tabs and their order (sequence)

Configuration of a tab is straightforward an offers the configuration options:

  • Name - The name of the tab shown in the user interface
  • Sequence - The sequence the tab is shown

The next step, after the tab group configuration, is to configure the pages to be shown per tab, including their (optional) authorisation configuration.

The individual pages in the tab group can be configured using the Tabs menu.

Opening the Tabs menu first requests to select for what object the tabs should be configured. Select Module in case the tab settings for the module must be configured.

First select the (educational object) that will be configured

After selecting the type the configuration is shown.
The left column (Group) shows the groups that are defined earlier and are in use in the context of the Module menu, the other columns show information on the pages.

The configuration of the pages can be managed via the Tabs menu

The example above shows a configuration for the Module with a generic section with some custom and configured standard pages (shown under the section Page) and pre-defined TE Curriculum pages (shown under the section Route).

To Add click on the Add-button, to modify click on the line. A panel will open to configure the menu item.

Configure a menu item

A menu item can be added to the list, but can be defined as ‘invisible’, and will not be shown in the menu. Invisible is different from restricting the access to the menu item. A restricted menu item will be visible for the users with the correct authorisation, an invisible menu item is invisible for everyone.

The configuration of a menu item supports the options:

  • Group - The tab group that contains / offer the menu item  
  • Sequence - The sequence the menu item is shown in the menu
  • Page - The custom page that offers the function provided by the menu item
  • Route - The standard AscMe page that offers the function provided by the menu item
    Either Page or Route should be selected.
  • Visible - Indicator if the menu item is visible in the menu
  • Security - Select the security operation required for a user to see the menu.
    In case the security operation is not met by a user, the menu item is not shown.

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