February 16, 2023

How to Review and Submit a Form

Before the form is submitted there is a step of reviewing the data. In the review tab the whole submission is summarized in order to easily overview the information. There are no actions here, simply a step of verification before submitting. The following concepts will be covered in this article, please use the link to head to the relevant section.

Summary per activity type

In the top of the page, all the selections made from the start page are summarized. In the section below there is a summary of all activities and the duration. Depending on how the form is configured, it will either be a summary for all activities or per activity type as in the print screen below. The purpose if this section is to make sure the correct number of hours are added for the selected course event (primary object).

Missing required information

In the review table the fields where required information is missing will be highlighted. Scroll through the table to easily identify the required fields, head back to “All activities” to update the information. The activities are numbered which can help to identify the right activity in the table to edit.

Submit the form

As the final step of the process it’s time to submit the information to the scheduling team. Once the form is submitted, no further changes can be made. Save as draft if there might be further changes to the form and there is still time before due date.

The section for “What happens next?” is written by your organisation and will explain the process from here.

If the form can’t be submitted, it is due to one of two reasons:

  • Missing required information: Some required field is missing information. Go to the review tab to identify the incomplete activity.
  • Missing permission: If there is a collaboration, only the owner of the form have permission to submit the form.

View all forms

To overview all of your submissions, or to add further submissions for this form, click on the link to “All forms” page. This link can be found in a few places:

  • In the confirmation page after submitting
  • In the breadcrumbs
  • In the top header “All forms”

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