February 16, 2023

Viewing all forms

The “All forms” page gives an overview of all submissions of a user. Old and new ones. The aim of this page is to give an option to create additional submissions, as well as an overview to make sure all the relevant courses events (primary objects) are managed. The following is covered within the article, use the links to head directly to the relevant section.

Find the page and navigate

The page can be found from the actual submission in three different ways:

  • In the confirmation page after submitting
  • In the breadcrumbs
  • In the top header “All forms”

The “All forms” page is divided in two levels, the first page for all forms and then a second level for all submissions per form. Using the breadcrumbs, you can select to get to get straight to the second level, i.e all submissions for the specific form you are working with right now, then click on the name of the form.

The first page holds a lists of all forms the user have ever been involved in. Could be some that are active and relevant for the upcoming scheduling period and some old forms from previous data collections. Columns in the table explained below:

  • Name: The name of the form configured by your organisation
  • Type: The form can be of one of three types - scheduling, availability or unavailability
  • Period: The scheduling period for which information is gathered
  • Due date: Last day when information for this form can be submitted
  • Status: The status of the form

Click on the row of a form to see the actual submissions.

Add submissions for other course events (primary objects)

If you have multiple course events (primary objects) to submit information for, this is where new ones are added. Hit the button in the left corner of the table in order to create a submission for a new primary object.

When clicking to “Add new course event”, you will be sent to the new submissions page directly. This will be a blank page, where new data should be entered, i.e starting the process of submitting a form from the beginning.

Copy existing submission

When two course events (primary objects) have similar structure it could be beneficial to copy one submission and use it as a starting point for the second submission. E.g course event A and course event B have similar structure, then the submission of course event A can be copied to the submission for course event B. This is a feature to increase efficiency to avoid starting from scratch multiple times.

Click on the “copy icon” on the right hand side in the table. A new submission will be created and added as a row in the table, click on the submission to get to the submissions page. Everything will be copied to the new submission except for the course event (primary object).

Both submissions with status “submitted” and submissions “draft saved” can be copied.

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