Hybrid teaching and its impact on timetabling operations

The Scheduling Professionals Alliance (SPA) dives into the role of scheduling in a hybrid teaching environment and the challenges universities around the globe have been facing the last few years.

The Scheduling Professionals Alliance (SPA) is finally back with the world's only scheduling talkshow! This time, we have invited three experts from South Africa, Finland and Australia to discuss how the timetabling and space management game has changed over the last couple of years with the entry of more hybrid teaching models.


To talk about this, we have hand picked some of our favourite and most passionate experts from the timetabling community to discuss these items and share their real life experiences - they are:

  • Pia Turjanmäki, Senior Specialist at Tampere University in Finland
  • Anel Meyer, Venue and Timetable Coordinator, Tshwane University of Technology in South Africa
  • David Reanney, Senior Manager, Space Management and Planning, Deakin University in Australia

What is SPA? 
SPA is a series of webinar talk shows featuring industry experts from various regions and backgrounds, discussing relevant topics for the scheduling and educational logistics industry. The forum does not revolve around any specific products or suppliers - we just talk about processes and ideas irrespective of what systems you are using. Through SPA, we want to inspire learning and collaboration across institutions and continents.


Topics discussed during the session:

  • What is hybrid teaching models?
  • How does different universities apply different hybrid teaching models?
  • What is the future of hybrid scheduling?
  • What are the scheduling challenges of hybrid scheduling?
  • How do we leverage the opportunities from hybrid scheduling?

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