Making the move from a legacy scheduling system to TimeEdit in only 4 months: Is it possible?

How do you go from a legacy solution to TimeEdit in less than 4 months? Join the discussion from the beautiful on-site studio at Association KU Leuven

The KU Leuven association in Belgium is one of the biggest university associations in the world, boasting over 120,000 students spread across 6 individual institutions - and it is home to more than 160 individual timetablers in a series of decentralised timetabling teams.

Over the course of only 4 months, they moved from having 6 institutions with 6 different databases in a legacy system to scheduling for the entire association in one single, continuous database structure in TimeEdit. They then managed to make the 160 timetablers feel comfortable making the transition to the new system for their daily operations. So how could they make this happen so fast and yet so successfully?

  • Riynto Simanjuntak, Process Owner Scheduling, KU Leuven
  • Yves Van Eeckhoudt, Product Owner, team IT for Educational Organisation, KU Leuven
  • Steinar Morland, VP Business Development, TimeEdit
  • Maria van der Ploeg, Head of Customer Onboarding, TimeEdit

About customer case stories: In this webinar series, we sit down together with our customers to talk through how they implemented TimeEdit, adopting various processes and maximizing the system's potential based on the needs and challenges of the institution. TimeEdit has such a great user community - engaged, ambitious and always willing to collaborate. The purpose of this series is to leverage just that by sharing best practices and learn from each other.


Hear the full story from the project team at KU Leuven themselves and get the chance to ask your questions to the team during this live webinar on the 15th of June. Some topics that will be discussed:

  1. Project methodology and organisation
  2. Change management strategy
  3. The power of the right mindset
  4. Next steps for KU Leuven

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